Mystic Valley Summer 7/22

Jul 22 2023

Mystic Valley Hunt Club
645 Long Cove Road
Gales Ferry CT 06335


Alert: Note! The CHJA Pony Medal WILL be offered at this show!

Manager: Sally Hinkle Russell
860-464-7207 (Fax)

Secretary: Jessica Roberts

Results: Results received 7/25
Posted: Results Posted 7/28
Final: Points final

CHJA Recognized Classes:

HUNTERS: Short Stirrup;  Childrens;  Modified Childrens;  Pre-Childrens;  Modified Adult;  Adult Amateur;  CT Training;  CT Working;  

EQUITATION: Leadline;  Walk Trot;  Short Stirrup;  Pre-Childrens;  Childrens;  Junior;  Modified Adult;  Adult Amateur;  

MEDAL: Pony;  Childrens;  Junior;  Modified Adult;  Adult;  Pre-Childrens;  

JUMPERS: Low Training;  CT Open;  Childrens;  Adult;  

HUNTER DERBIES: 2'9" Derby;  2'6" Derby;  2' - 2'3" Derby;  

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